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Catarina Matias Named One of Hotel Management’s Thirty Under Thirty Nationwide

East Windsor, NJ (October 1, 2019) – Catarina Matias, Executive Director of Hotel Operations for Hotels Unlimited, has been selected as one of Hotel Management’s 30 Under 30 executives for 2019. In October, she and 29 other select industry movers and shakers were featured as the year’s top rising stars in the hotel industry.

Nominees were judged on professional accomplishments, leadership qualities, and colleague recommendations. Catarina was deemed an outstanding nominee in all three of these areas. As the Executive Director of Hotel Operations for Hotels Unlimited, Catarina is charged with overseeing the day to day operations for all eleven hotels in the Hotels Unlimited portfolio. Catarina secured her current position with Hotels Unlimited after first proving her capabilities and commitment as a front desk clerk at one of our full service hotels and then as an intern in our corporate office. It didn’t take long for ownership to identify that Catarina embodied not only the business acumen, but also the unwavering commitment to excellence we covet in our senior managers.

Carey Tajfel, President of Hotels Unlimited, shared the following endorsement of Ms. Matias in his nomination: “Catarina cares about all that she is involved with beyond anyone I have ever seen, certainly for her age.  This is what sets her apart from many, many others.  Her dedication, responsiveness, and passion reign supreme.  At the same time, Catarina is extremely smart, organized, has a phenomenal memory and happens to be able to connect with people in an electric way, both with young and old alike.”

The Hotels Unlimited team is truly proud that Catarina Matias has been recognized as among the best of the best, and truly proud that she is part of the Hotels Unlimited organization.

“Our company, and the industry as a whole are very fortunate that Catarina chose us.”
– Will Capell, Accounting Department Assistant Manager

“I am fortunate to have been able to witness Catarina’s professional development firsthand, and can’t think of a person in our industry more deserving of this recognition.”
– Clint Jordan, General Manager

“She accomplished her goals by paying close attention to the wisdom and experience that have been passed onto her, and combined those lessons with her own education and passion for our industry.”
– Rachel James, Regional Catering Sales Director

“In 10 or 20 years, I expect to see Catarina emerge as an industry leader and someday grace the cover of Hotel Management Magazine as a featured CEO or Owner of her own hotel or brand.”
– Michael Ramos, General Manager

“She leaves a lasting impact on every guest and team member she encounters and truly inspires everyone who crosses her path.”
– Brooke Gordon, General Manager

“Catarina has been on the forefront of helping our company stay ahead of the changing generational tides by pioneering unique programming and experiences for our guests. I am proud to work with an operations team, led by Catarina, that not only understands but embraces these shifting opportunities.”
– Nick Pilarte, Corporate Operations Manager

“She emulates such positivity and enthusiasm and guests and staff alike gravitate to her.”
– Courtney Mattsson, Director of Hotel Operations

“With leaders like her, the future of hospitality is in good hands.”
– Julia Coppock, Marketing Director

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